Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Who is Steven Cruz?

     "The visible man", as he refers to himself is Steven Cruz.  Who would have thought that the space race started in 1957 by the launch of the Sputnik would bring  about such enlightenment to Steven Cruz.  Receiving his degree in 1962 for engineering as well as a Masters in business secured Steven a very prosperous future.  The truth of the matter being he was a token minority member that was getting ahead because he was a safe choice for corporate white America.  Supervising at Procter and Gamble opened his eyes to racism and the active role he played in it.  He realized that he being a Mexican could never really get ahead at Procter and Gamble so he quit.  I think that was a big mistake on his part.  White Corporate America should be used, abused, and milked for every dime.   An African American male or female, a Mexican male or female, any minority in a token role and there making good money, living comfortablly I say stick it, to "The Man".  I understand that racism is alive and active due to the ignorance of small minded men.  I also think The Great Society, that ex-president Lyndon B. Johnson's antipoverty program established is a trap for the minorities to this very day.  I agree with Steven Cruz.  It doesn't matter whether we're called Black, African American, or Negro as long as one of us is working  in a managerial position.  With the door open to other minorities to join the ranks of corporate big wigs I would careless what i was called.  Everyone in America be they Black, White, Mexian, or  Asian we all want the "American Dream".  I agree that no sane individual in our nation wants to lose or be considered a looser.  I also think that education is the key to being successful.  Education is the only way to make it in life and be considered successful by one's peers.  As an unemployed African American male I choose to further my education and start my own business.  Maybe I can inspire the next "visible man" to reach for success.

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  1. Funny and insightful, especially the part about milking corporate America. At the very least, we need pay commensurate with what we produce for the company. Cruz got that. What he didn't get was adequate pay for the pain and suffering he endured to earn that so-called equal pay. As he said, no matter what his paycheck stated, Cruz was never compensated equal (in respect, stature or promotions) to Caucasians at the Fortune 500 companies.